so I’m getting married tonight……


Back in August 2013 on our vacation to Key West, Florida, I proposed to Wrenn Simms. She said yes.

Since then, we have put off the actual wedding until we could afford to throw the party we wanted. In 2016, Wrenn had a lucrative freelance gig, and I had tons of writing work, so we were all set to have our wedding in September of that year.

Then our landlord terminated our lease in late July, and we had to postpone, as we needed to spend August searching for an apartment and moving (which involved considerable outlays of cash).

We rescheduled to 22 April 2017, one of the two weekends between my birthday and Wrenn’s.

It will be held tonight, at our favorite restaurant. Our nearest and dearest will be present, with eight of them standing at our side (four on each side), another dear friend performing the ceremony, and then tons of good food and wine.

Which is exactly what we wanted.

It’s funny, both Wrenn and I never intended to get married again. Yet here we are. But I’m also happier than I’ve ever been in my life since I met her, and I’m absolutely thrilled that I’m solemnizing that union, as it were, in front of the people we love most.

Don’t worry, there will be tons of pictures. 🙂

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