so the House passed the AHCA…..

Anybody who thinks the passing of the AHCA by the House is cause for celebration? Go fuck yourself.

It’s very possible that the new law will be a death sentence for my wife, since it carries the potential to make health care prohibitively expensive for her and I, as her preexisting condition — asthma — can be denied treatment under the new law, or at least be cause to drive up the prices past our ability to afford it as self-employed people.

Just in general, if you want writers and artists and other self-employed people to remain healthy and alive, the new law is a fucking disaster.

The fact that the Republican party is so desperate to pass this law without proper scoring by the budget office, and the fact that they barely passed it in the House (it only passed by one vote) when they have such a majority is telling. So is the fact that the bill lets Congress itself basically keep the ACA while denying coverage to the rest of the people.

I hope that it dies in the Senate, where they’re beholden to entire states rather than heavily gerrymandered districts. I am not, however, optimistic.

The ACA saved lives. The AHCA will kill people.


2 thoughts on “so the House passed the AHCA…..

  1. I hope this serves as a wake-up call for the people who love Obamacare as long as you take the black guy’s name off it.

  2. Whenever I think about how callous our government (I won’t say representatives because they don’t represent me) has become it makes my blood pressure (pre-existing condition) rise. I have other friends and family who life will be drastically affected because of this. Thoroughly disgusted.

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