go home, Facebook friending algorithm, you’re drunk…..

So Facebook is, for reasons known only to the voices in its head, recommending that I send a friend request to one of my former subordinates during the 2010 Census.
Background: I was a Crew Leader for the primary Census operation — you know the people who knocked on your door and asked you and your household to fill out the forms? I was their boss. Somehow, I got the rep in the NW Bronx office as the guy who handled the problem children that nobody else wanted. I wound up getting seven or eight enumerators who washed out of other crews.
Most of them did just fine under me (mostly because I just let them do their jobs on their own terms and didn’t micromanage). But there were two who did not do fine and got themselves fired. One left a drunken, abusive voicemail message on my phone. After she sobered up, I informed her that I was willing to forgive that, but if she did that again, she’d be gone. She did it again, this time to my boss, and she was, in fact gone.
The other sexually harassed a female worker in the main office. That’s the one Facebook is recommending I friend.
Yeah, not so much, Facebook……………………

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