my thoughts on the Star Trek: Discovery trailer

First off, the trailer itself:

Here’s what I think:

Michelle Yeoh is in it. I’m so in…..

Yeah, okay, there are other things happening. I’m seeing a lot of chest-beating on the Internet, and I’m just laughing at the human tendency to forget history and repeat it. In 1987 when The Next Generation was announced, lots of Trek fans were fulminating at the mouth because it isn’t real Star Trek if it doesn’t have Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Oh, and no one will know when to watch it, because it’s syndicated.

Thirty years later, it’s the same nonsense.

I will say this: I don’t care that the Klingons look different, because they’ve looked different practically every time they’ve been reintroduced. The TOS Klingons don’t look like the movie Klingons which don’t look like the TNG Klingons which don’t look like the Bad Robot Klingons. And even within those general types there are variations. I can’t bring myself to be arsed about yet another change to their look.

I don’t really care that the look of the show is obviously different from TOS, because this show is being made in 2017, not 1966. Personally, I think doing a prequel is a mistake, but I said that in 2001, and every new Trek since then has continued to look backward rather than forward. Whatever.

What matters is whether or not it’s written well. Enterprise didn’t fail in the marketplace because it was a prequel or because it “shit on continuity” or whatever, it failed because it was badly written. By the time it started to be well written, the viewership had already abandoned it. Prequels are not inherently bad, as AMC is proving every week with Better Call Saul. But they need to be well written. The show will live or die on that — just like every other show.

The trailer gives no hints as to whether or not the show will be any good — because trailers never do. Hell, the trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2013 made it look great, but the show was a mess its first year. However, there were no real warning signs that I saw, and what we did see looked interesting enough that I want to see more.

I’ll be reviewing the series for, so you’ll find out what I think then……..

2 thoughts on “my thoughts on the Star Trek: Discovery trailer

  1. I agree with your overall approach here–what matters is the writing. Period. The trailer only has a tiny amount of dialog, so obviously we can’t make any real predictions as to how well the actual episodes will be… but much of the dialog that is present in the trailer is very, very clumsy. Alex Kurzman has a very distinctive style (not in a good way) and I’m seeing some of the same bad writing in the trailer that plagued ST2009 and Into Darkness.

    I’m trying to be optimistic, I am, but at this point CBS has given me me zero reasons to expect good things from Discovery, and many reasons to be worried.

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