a look back at the 2009 animated Wonder Woman


Over on Tor.com, I review the Wonder Woman movie — that is to say, the 2009 animated movie starring Keri Russell as the voice of Diana of Themyscira and Nathan Fillion as the voice of Steve Trevor. Despite her lengthy history in animation, from an appearance in a 1972 episode of The Brady Kids all the way to this year’s Justice League Action, she’s only starred in a solo movie once, to wit, this film. Sadly, it’s a disappointment.

An excerpt (be warned that it’s one of the few nice things I say about the movie…….):

And the whole movie’s worth it for the scene in the park. Diana sees a little girl crying near some boys playing with swords. The girl reveals that the boys won’t let her play pirate with them because she can’t wield a sword. Diana tartly points out that the boys can’t, either, and then gives the girl some tips using a stick. With Diana’s urging to “Go, raise hell,” the girl immediately runs in and starts waving the stick around, scaring the crap out of the boys. (It also leads to another of Fillion’s funny lines, to wit, “That is sweet—teaching her to disembowel her playmates like that.”)


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