irons in the fire update


Sooper seekrit tie-in project #1. I’m busting my hump to get the first draft of this done by Monday.

Sooper seekrit tie-in project #2. I’ve done a sample scene for this, and now am awaiting the licensor’s feedback on it. If they like it, it should lead to a contract for a trilogy of novels. (Y’all may recall a sooper seekrit tie-in project #3 from last month, but that has been back-burnered for the nonce….)

Short stories. I’m supposed to do a story for an anthology that I had to ask for an extension for because I lost track of it in the mess of other things. Hopefully the editor will be kind. It’ll be a standalone fantasy story, though I keep going back and forth in my head as to whether or not it’ll be in the same setting as the Precinct books. I can go either way with it. I just got the final approval on my Stargate story “Sun-Breaker” for the upcoming Homeworlds anthology, and I’ve also got tales coming out this summer and fall in Nights of the Living Dead and Joe Ledger: Unstoppable.

Thriller. My agent has given me feedback on this, and I need to work on the early chapters to tighten them up.

Bram Gold. Will dive back into A Furnace Sealed once sooper seekrit project #1 and the short story and the thriller revisions are done. And at some point next year, I do the second book….

Mermaid Precinct. Will write this once A Furnace Sealed is done. Also there will be a major announcement about the Precinct books, er, soon.

Marvel stuff. Warriors Three: Godhood’s End is out. Waiting to hear back on a couple proposals.

Orphan Black: Classified Clone Report. This will be out in July. The book is done and approved.

Cassie Zukav. I’ve got a new Cassie story in TV Gods: Summer Programming, and I have other notions in my head for more Cassie stories that need either a venue or just time….

Super City Cops. The new novellas are still on sale, and you should buy them. Meanwhile, I’ve got another short story in the setting percolating for an eSpec Books anthology. I’m going to continue writing for this site. After the TOS Rewatch is done (seven more movies to go!), I’ll be doing a weekly run-through of live-action movie adaptations of comic book superheroes, tentatively to be entitled “4-Color to 35-Millimeter.” And I’ll continue to do additional pieces here and there, like what I did for Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Wonder Woman, plus I intend to review episodes of Star Trek Discovery as they’re released for the site.

Mystery. Still want to do this. Still don’t have time.

Other stuff. I’ll be collaborating with an author whose health is poor on the third and final book of his trilogy (I edited the first two). I’ve got a short story to edit, and I still have to finish editing Star Trek: Prometheus Book 3.


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