some more reviews of The X-Files: Trust No One


Although the book came out in 2015, I still keep finding reviews online of The X-Files: Trust No One, the first of three XF anthologies that Jonathan Maberry edited for IDW, but also the one I have a story in — the Scribe Award nominee, “Back in El Paso My Life Will Be Worthless.”

John V. Hansen listed mine as one of the ten standout stories in the anthology on his blog.

Money quote:

DeCandido, who also showed great insight into the “Firefly” verse with his “Serenity” novelization, introduces the evocative Special Agent Jack Colt, who resists help from Mulder and Scully in investigating a serial-killing spree that continues after several suspects are locked up for the crimes.


Michael Smith’s The Books That Time Forgot blog reviewed all three books, and he liked my story a lot. His short review of the story was simply, “This is a good story.” I’ll take that…..


And finally, we have Brandon Koontz’s review for The Nerd Mentality. Sadly, Brandon did not like my story very much.

Money quote:

I had high hopes for Keith R.A. Decandido’s entry (“Back In El Paso My Life Will Be Worthless”). When he is on his game, he writes some of the best pop sci-fi fiction around. However, I found this particular outing to be very average at best. In his tale, Mulder and Scully are forced to work with a skeptical and derogatory FBI agent, the poorly named Jack Colt (with that christening, Decandido assured that his character would be right at home in a Clive Cussler novel, and I spent most my time picturing Emilio Estevez’ character from Loaded Weapon). Colt dresses Mulder and Scully down over and over, calling Mulder “whackadoodle” and a member of the dumbest graduating class in Quantico history. It all starts to feel a little out of place. We get it, Colt doesn’t believe Mulder and Scully are real agents and takes a dim view of the X-Files. In a different setting, this kind of portrayal (Mulder and Scully as viewed by an agent from another branch of the FBI) might make for compelling storytelling, but here it just feels forced.

Ah well. Can’t please everyone……



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