from the archives: my Sunday feeling, 12 June 2017

This came up in my Facebook memories–one of my regular “my Sunday feeling” posts about a weekend filled with karate and spending time with Wrenn. I present it hear one year later.


Long, exhausting weekend, but a really good one, most of it involving either karate or spending time with Wrenn.

Friday was a beautiful day, the perfect time to go to the Bronx Zoo (pictures can be found on Facebook). We didn’t get to ride the bug carousel, but we did see tigers and birds and bears and such.

Friday night, was, of course, my usual teaching of the kids fighting class. That class is going very well, and one of my regular kids has started taking the adult fighting class, which is pretty groovy. He’s a really good fighter and it’s good to see him challenged.

After that, Wrenn and I went to a local steak house. We had a bit of a financial windfall, and so we took advantage. It was expensive, but it was YUMMY!

Saturday, we went to Little Italy in the morning for shopping, then I helped Shihan teach the noon kids class, then took the 1pm class. The afternoon was made more entertaining during the former when I was demonstrating a jumping front snap kick for the kids, and something went pop in my right thigh. I pulled a muscle in the back of my thigh. Luckily, I keep pain patches in my karate bag, so I put one on and got through the rest of the day.

Which included a promotion! Several of the kids in the three afterschool karate classes I teach, as well as the one that Senpai Dylan teaches, were eligible to go from white belt to advanced white belt. They all did supremely well, and I’m incredibly proud of them. The afterschool kids are a bit of a challenge sometimes — they don’t have the same level of discipline as the kids in the dojo — but I really enjoy teaching them and I love seeing how much they’ve learned, and how much stronger they are both physically and mentally.

Wrenn and I had a nice dinner of fried chicken and corn on the cob, and I watched the first episode of the new Roots and we both watched a few episodes of The Venture Bros., as we finally catch up on season 6.

Today was promotion day at the dojo, which involved four sessions: the first was four-and-five-year-olds and white belt kids, the second was color-belt kids (including one of the kids from my afterschool program who wound up joining the dojo and is now a yellow belt; she did really well, too!), the third was adults, and the fourth was three of the adults who were going for advanced brown belt, and so had more stuff to go through, including fighting.

The three now-advanced brown belts are women who started at the dojo at the same time, and the three of them have progressed together all the way to this highest color belt level. One in particular is like me, someone who was in a sedentary profession and did almost no exercise prior to signing up for karate, and she has progressed superbly. Her technique and spirit are superb, as good as anyone in the dojo. All three of them showed amazing skill, amazing strength, and amazing spirit today as we pushed them really hard, and they came out the other side magnificently. They’re all going to make superb black belts.

Just in general, I really love teaching, and weekends like this are a big part of it: seeing people whom I’ve taught — some of them exclusively, some occasionally, some more along the lines of mentoring rather than actual teaching — achieve success at promotion, which is a tangible symbol of what they’ve learned and how they’ve progressed. It’s wonderful.

Afterward, I was beyond exhausted — did I mention it included fighting? and I pulled a muscle, so that was fun? — so Wrenn met me at our local Irish pub for yummy food, desperately needed booze, and live Irish music. Bliss!

Then we came home and napped a lot. *laughs* Gonna make dinner soon and watch more Venture Bros. GO TEAM VENTURE!

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