busy day……


I’ve been doing a lot of teaching at the dojo lately, as Shihan has been recovering from surgery (nothing major, and it went well, as is his rehab), and the rest of us black belts have been filling in for him.

Today, I taught all five classes: two 45-minute classes with four-and-five-year-olds (one beginner, one advanced), two one-hour classes with bigger kids (ages six to sixteen, also one beginner, one advanced, the latter with 25 kids attending), and one 90-minute adult class. It went really really really well. I had some junior black belts and one advanced brown belt adult assisting me with the kids classes, which was a big help.

Meanwhile, Wrenn went down to Central Park in the hopes of scoring tickets to see Julius Caesar, but after two people stormed the stage during last night’s performance, the Delacorte decided to not do the standby ticket line like they always do. While I get why they did that — this way tickets only go to people who got there at 6am to line up (or earlier, even though the park isn’t open before 6) or the people who donated $500 to the Public Theatre. Sadly, based on pictures of tonight’s performance, that has meant a bunch of empty seats. Sigh.

So instead, we came home, watched the Yankees lose again (they’ve lost five in a row and also five out of six on this west coast trip), then started the process of claiming the master bedroom.

I should explain: From when we moved in last September until this past week, we’ve had Wrenn’s cousin living with us while he did an apprenticeship. That apprenticeship is up, and he’s going to be spending the summer upstate doing a gig, and then he’s moving back to NYC, but he’ll be getting his own place. Because his apprenticeship was generally a 9-5 thing, he had to keep normal hours, so in the interests of everyone’s sanity, he took the master bedroom, while we kept our bed in our office, which has doubled as our bedroom.

But that’s done. My parents are giving us a new bed as a wedding present (the mattress arrives Wednesday; the storage bed we’re having built won’t be here for another three months or so, but we’re getting a cheapo frame as a temporary stopgap), and we’re in the process of getting the room ready for us to use it. The office will then go to its intended function as just our office and also a guest room. What we’ve been using as a bed will become a couch (unless guests need it for a bed), and we’ll have lots of floor space and stuff.

Tomorrow we do more work on the bedroom and also I have some editing to do and also Father’s Day dinner at our favorite restaurant! Yay!


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