I never could get the hang of Thursdays

Things are insanely busy here. Besides the usual work craziness and the added teaching duties while Shihan is out, we’re doing some serious work on the homestead.

The place we moved into last August is a three-bedroom space. Up until a week ago, Wrenn’s cousin Matt was staying with us while he did an apprenticeship as an electrician at Julliard. That ended, and now he’s off to do a summer gig upstate. We had him staying in the master bedroom, while Wrenn and I set up a bed in our office. (It’s actually the biggest of the three bedrooms, but that means we can use it for both office and bedroom space easily.)

Now that Matt’s gone, we can actually sleep in the bedroom. My parents gave us a new bed as a wedding present, including both a mattress and a wooden platform/storage bed. The platform is going to take three months to get — it’s being hand made, and will be worth the wait — but we have the mattress. We ordered a simple metal frame to hold us over that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. According to Amazon’s status update, it was supposed to arrive Wednesday before 8pm. Up until 8.05pm, anyhow — after that, it suddenly changed to saying it will arrive some time between the 21st and 24th. Good thing we paid for that Prime membership for fast shipping, huh?

It’s supposedly out for delivery today. We’ll see. We’ve heard that song before.

We’re looking forward to sleeping in our actual bedroom, thus allowing the office to become a guest room as we intended…..


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