licenses I’ve worked in

Indulging in my periodic fetish for making lists of things, here is a list of all thirty-two licensed universes I’ve worked in:

Alien: one short story

BattleTech: two short stories.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: three novels, one reference book

Cars: four comic books

Command and Conquer: one novel

CSI: one novel

Doctor Who: three short stories, one anthology

Dungeons & Dragons: one novel

The Executioner: two novels

Farscape: one novel, three short stories, forty-eight comic books

Firefly/Serenity: one novel, one role-playing game adventure

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda: one novel

Heroes: one novella

Joe Ledger: one short story

Kung Fu Panda: one comic book

Leverage: one novel

Limbus, Inc.: one short story

Magic, the Gathering: one short story

Marvel: five novels, five short stories

Night of the Living Dead: one short story

Orphan Black: one reference book

Resident Evil: three novels

Sleepy Hollow: one novel

Star Trek: sixteen novels, thirteen novellas, seven short stories, six comic books, three anthologies, one reference book

StarCraft: one novel, one comic book

Stargate: one novel, two short stories

Supernatural: three novels, one reference book

V-Wars: two short stories

World of Warcraft: one novel

The X-Files: one short story

Xena/Hercules: two novels, one short story

Zorro: one short story


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