irons in the fire update


Bram Gold. Hoping to get A Furnace Sealed‘s first draft done by month’s end. Let’s hope.

Dragon Precinct. The Kickstarter for Mermaid Precinct has been successful, and my plan for July is to finally fulfill the rewards that don’t actually require any work on my part beyond uploading things to Dropbox. *wry grin* The novel itself is next on the list after A Furnace Sealed. I also did a story that takes place in Flingaria, but is not a Cliff’s End Castle Guard story for an upcoming anthology, which has been turned in to the editor. And I have a bunch of other rewards, not only for that, but for “Baker’s Dozen” to take care of……..

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #1. Turned in the first draft. Waiting to hear back from editor on what more she wants. (I’m morally certain there will be revisions.)

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #2. Sent in my sample. Awaiting feedback on same to see if they want to go with me or not.

Thriller. Have to rewrite the opening to this and send it back to my agent. That’s on the agenda for next week.

Super City Cops. Have another story to do in this world for an upcoming eSpec superhero anthology.

Cassie Zukav. Latest Cassie story is in TV Gods: Summer Programming. I have other Cassie story notions floating about, including one for an anthology I heard about for the first time yesterday. *diabolical laughter* I know I still want to write the UFO-in-the-Dry-Tortugas story, the dragon-in-the-B&B-garden story, a spring break story, and a story called “Ragnarok and a Hard Place” at the very least……….

Mystery. Would love to carve out the time to write this. Sigh.

Battlestar Galactica. I’m writing an essay for Sequart’s upcoming BSG book.

Star Trek. Three movies to go in the TOS rewatch, and I’m finally finishing up my edit of the Prometheus trilogy. That’ll be it until Discovery debuts and I review it for

Stargate. My SG-1 short story “Sun-Breaker” is now out in Homeworlds. I have a novel notion that I’d like to pitch, and I’m waiting to hear back if Fandemonium is open to pitches right now…..

Comic books. Just sent a comics pitch to an editor. Also the second volume of my adaptation of Greg Wilson’s Icarus should be out some time — Volume 1 is already available…..

Other stuff. I will be doing a feature, tentatively titled “Four-Color to 35-Millimeter,” doing a weekly overview of live-action movies that are adaptations of comic books. And in addition to Discovery, I’ll likely be writing about other TV shows for them here and there………

KRADitorial. Actually have a client manuscript, in addition to Prometheus, and I’m doing a sample edit for another potential client today. (If you’re interested in hiring our editorial services, e-mail me at krad at whysper dot net.)

I think that’s everything…………………………………



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