reviews of Nights of the Living Dead


Three of the major book review magazines are Publishers WeeklyBookList, and Library Journal, and all three have reviewed Nights of the Living Dead, the new anthology edited by George A. Romero (yes, him) & Jonathan Maberry that has a score of stories set around the seminal 1968 zombie flick, including “Live and On the Scene” by yours truly.

BookList, the reviewing arm of the American Library Association, gave it a starred review. Becky Siegel Spratford concluded her review thusly: “Taken as a whole this is a breathtaking book showcasing the breadth of zombie literature from the weird, disturbing and gross out to the touching, thought provoking, and even funny. This is a collection by masters, at the top of their games but it is also a tribute by fans to the man who inspired them to become writers who chased their own nightmares. Order this volume immediately, if only to protect yourself from the hordes of readers who will be shambling in to request it.”

Library Journal liked it too, saying, “All of these stories highlight the fear, darkness, hope, and humor facing the living dead can bring. VERDICT: Zombie fiction fans can’t get enough of their favorite monsters, but this masterly collection of tales from some of today’s greatest speculative writers will sate their appetite—for a while.”

Publishers Weekly was a bit more lukewarm, saying, “The anthology is the perfect homage to the zombie movie that started it all, but it lacks a fulfilling degree of variety.”

None of the reviews mentioned me or my story, but I’m pretty much on the C-list here (basically, I novelized a couple of zombie films, which gives me a low Q-rating among zombie word slingers….).


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