a nice review of Supernatural: Nevermore


Ten years ago, HarperPrism released my first (and also the first) Supernatural novel, Nevermore, which had the Winchester brothers driving the Impala into New York City to deal with two cases, one involving a haunting, one involving Edgar Allan Poe-inspired murders.

Today, J.L. Gribble has reviewed Nevermore on her blog!

Money quote:

It was interesting to essentially travel back in time with these characters, as someone 12 seasons into the show, while this book takes place at a time with the brothers are still haunted (metaphorically) by Sam leaving his life in Stanford behind, and the recent death of John Winchester.

While the brothers’ dialogue was spot-on, the author sometimes had trouble capturing their internal narrative voice — I note, however, that this is entirely subjective on my own part. The supporting characters were all unique, fleshed out, and at times hilarious. I find myself hoping that I encounter Detective McBain again in the future.

(For the record, I’m quite pleased with Detective McBain, and I’d love to write her again some day….)


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