Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: Star Trek Into Darkness


Mickey Smith blows up an archive on behalf of Sherlock Holmes in order to get revenge on RoboCop. It’s up to Steve Trevor, Sylar, Julius Caesar, Benji Dunn, Harold Lee, Neytiri, and Jacob Clarke to save the day! Or, uh, something. And the only reason Nicholas Meyer isn’t turning over in his grave is because he’s still alive. The TOS Rewatch takes a Star Trek Into Darkness.

An excerpt:

Khan has Vengeance crash into San Francisco, causing obscene destruction. Khan himself survives the crash and tries to lose himself in the San Francisco crowd. However, Spock beams down and goes after him, chasing him through the streets. (Why he doesn’t alert the planet-bound authorities or other Starfleet ships to assist him is left as an exercise for the viewer.)

In sickbay, McCoy discovers that the dead tribble that he injected Khan’s blood into to test it is now alive again. (By the way, the tribble hasn’t moved from the place on the table where we saw it the first time, even though in the interim the ship tumbled into Earth’s atmosphere with the gravity out. Did McCoy nail it to the table, or what?)

McCoy puts Kirk in a cryotube to preserve his brain function, then tries to call Spock to tell him that they need Khan’s blood. (Why he doesn’t see if any of the other 72 genetically enhanced folk he’s got lying in his sickbay also have magic blood is also left as an exercise for the viewer.)

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