another review of Nights of the Living Dead

Another day, another review of Nights of the Living Dead. Like all but one of them, no mention of my story specifically, but this review by Gabino Iglesias on doesn’t really go into the individual stories (Joe Lansdale’s is the only one that gets any kind of specificity), just lists all the reasons why you should go out right now and buy the anthology. I’m okay with that……


Money quote:

Variety. Houses and farms and government buildings and the zoo and small towns and roads and houses and cars and jails and…you get the point. If you can think it, there’s a story in here that deals with it in the context of a zombie outbreak. There are stories anchored in pure horror and survival, tales in which there’s murder that doesn’t involve zombies, narratives in which the undead allow for vengeance, and entries that deal with the turmoil of human emotions when death is too close.

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