announcing Kingdoms Fall


Cohesion Press is launching a new imprint called SoulBlade Books, and their first title will be a Jonathan Maberry-edited anthology called Kingdoms Fall, to be released in 2018. here’s how they described it in the release:

“Imagine Forgotten Realms/Dungeons & Dragons combined with Game of Thrones, and some Lord of the Rings thrown in for good measure. Sword & sorcery, magical might, monsters, thieves, assassins, and kings. All must fight and some must die. A star-studded lineup of writers, featuring many New York Times best-sellers.”

Here’s that star-studded lineup:

Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author: the Dune series, Star Wars, Hell Hole, X-Files, and many more.

David Annandale: Warhammer 40,000, The Horus Heresy, and Warhammer: Age of Sigma.

Keith R.A. DeCandidoStar Trek, Supernatural, Orphan Black, Marvel, and many more.

Jacopo della Quercia: The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy and its sequel License to Quill, contributor to the New York Times best-selling You Might Be A Zombie and Other Bad News.

David Farland, New York Times best-selling author: Star Wars, The Mummy, the Runelords series.

David Fitzgerald, award-winning fiction and nonfiction author and editor: Nailed, The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion, Demon Lovers (co-edited with Dana Fredsti), Under the Kilt, and the upcoming TimeShards trilogy (with Fredsti).

Dana Fredsti: the Ashley Parker “Plague” trilogy, the upcoming trilogies Spawn of Lilith and TimeShards (with David Fitzgerald), stories in V-Wars: Shockwaves and Joe Ledger: Unstoppable.

Paul Kupperberg: the GLAAD Media Award nominated and 2014 IAMTW Scribe Award-winning young adult novel Kevin, writer of the Harvey and Eisner Award nominated Life With Archie series (including the controversial “Death of Archie” storyline), executive editor of Charlton Neo Comics.

Seanan McGuire: New York Times award-winning author of urban fantasy and (as Mira Grant) biomedical science fiction.

Victor Milán: founding member of George R. R. Martin’s Wild Cards, author of The Dinosaur Princess.

John Jackson Miller, New York Times bestselling author and comics writer: Star Wars, Star Trek, HALO, Mass Effect, Conan.

James A. Moore: Aliens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, World Of Darkness, and his own Seven Forges series.

Lee Murray: award-winning writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, multiple recipient of New Zealand’s coveted Sir Julius Vogel Award.

Weston Ochse, Bram Stoker Award winning author: SEAL Team 666 and Grunt Life.

James Ray Tuck Jr.: the Deacon Chalk series, co-author of the Robin Hood: Demon’s Bane series, and (as Levi Black) the Red Right Hand trilogy


My own contribution is called “The Fall of Iaron,” and it’s sorta-kinda a Dragon Precinct story — that is to say, it takes place in the same general setting of the world of Flingaria, but the Cliff’s End Castle Guard isn’t part of it. You won’t need to have read any of the “Precinct” tales to follow it, but those who have should recognize many of the places and appreciate the history I’m providing in it.

I had a lot of fun with it and between that, and “Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty,” I think there’s definite possibilities for more Flingaria stories that aren’t police procedurals……..


1 thought on “announcing Kingdoms Fall

  1. Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say how much I loved your Sif Tales of Asgard book! I’m a huge Thor fan and particularly: a Sif fan. A really, really big Sif fan. You were very true to the character and it was a joy to read. There’s not a lot of things highlighting her lately and you wrote something that did it wonderfully. So thank you, I really appreciate the work you must have done to get things right. There have been authors over the years that really don’t get her, or know how use her properly, so getting a story that did things right made me really happy.

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