Ghost Town Writers Retreat was excellent


Meant to post this sooner, but I got sick the last day I was in Colorado, and I’m awash a combination of 1) feeling better, 2) GISHWHES, and 3) revisions of a project, but I wanted to say that I had a superb time at the first-ever Ghost Town Writers Retreat. Organizers Mike Hance, J.L. Benet, and my friend Jhonette Perdue did a superb job of putting together a good weekend for aspiring writers, with authors, agents, and editors dispensing wisdom and having chats and generally participating in an atmosphere of bettering ourselves and our careers.


It all took place in Georgetown, Colorado, about an hour west of Denver — and also 3000 miles higher. Denver is called the mile-high city for a reason, as it’s 5000 feet above sea level. Well, Georgetown is nestled in the Rockies at 8000 feet above. This would explain why I was woozy on Sunday…………

Georgetown is an old silver mining town, and these days it’s a tourist attraction, mainly for its rustic qualities. You go there and it’s like the 21st century never happened. (Well, except for having wifi….) It’s charming as all heck, and full of nifty history. Possibly my favorite part of the weekend was being able to test the first run of Tesla’s Alternating Ale from the local brewery, which they debuted for us. (Tesla built the power station that still services Georgetown to this day.)

Anyhow, I did talks on career management, navigating the submissions minefield, professionalism, time management, and writing in other people’s universes, plus I got to join Mario Acevedo for an informal chat in one of the local bars.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend, and one I’d gladly do again. If you’re an aspiring or starting writer, I’d recommend trying the retreat next year.


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