reviewing Marvel’s The Defenders season 1


On, I do a full review of the eight-episode first season of Marvel’s The Defenders, which brings together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist into one big quivering mass.

An excerpt:

I didn’t list Rand as a strong, complex character above, but Defenders makes that work, too. In Iron Fist, Rand was a whiny, arrogant, twerp that the script kept trying to crowbar into a hero. In The Defenders, Rand is a whiny, arrogant twerp that the script comes right out and acknowledges is a whiny, arrogant twerp. It makes the character a whole lot easier to take, especially given how often the other characters call him on it. (Best line of the whole series belongs to Stick, speaking for the entire audience: “The immortal Iron Fist is still a thundering dumbass.”)

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