GO TEAM KENSHIKAI! — support breast cancer research…..


My dojo has been doing the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to support breast cancer research for the past ten years. The picture above is our team in 2009 — that’s me on the far right in the Yankee cap.

Over the years I drifted away from being involved for a variety of reasons, but this year, I feel the urge to be supportive of the endeavor once again, mostly because in the age of Trump, women’s health is seriously endangered and any charity that helps in that field is worth supporting. (That’s also why I’m part of Mine!)

Anyhow, my dojo is running again this year on the 10th of September, and while I can’t participate this year, I do support them, and urge all and sundry to click on this paragraph and do likewise.

Thanks very much!


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