another nice review of Nights of the Living Dead


It’s been very gratifying to see how much acclaim Nights of the Living Dead has engendered. Alex DiVincenzo is the latest to sing the anthology’s praises, with an in-depth review on the Broke Horror Fan site. He goes into great detail on several of the stories (though note mine), and at least gives a mention to all the other authors, which is nice.

An excerpt:

Romero and Maberry did not impose strict guidelines on the writers. Tones and styles vary widely as a result, and so too do the time frames, settings, and characters. It’s interesting to see what each author came up with when given creative freedom and armed with the knowledge that Romero himself would be reading. Many stories, like the film from which they draw inspiration, are set early in the zombie uprising, though others take place after time has passed. Some even connect directly to the events of Night of the Living Dead.

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