link dump: thoughts on today’s anniversary

I’ve written a lot of things about what happened on 11 September 2001, seeing as how I live in New York City and spent that Tuesday glued to my couch watching the events unfold in real time.

On this sixteenth anniversary, when there are far worse things going on thanks to two hurricanes, I have nothing new to say, so I instead provide a link to what I’ve said in the past:

My thoughts on the day and the day after, as it happened.

The one-year anniversary in 2002.

The four-year anniversary in 2005.

The six-year anniversary in 2007.

The nonsense in 2010 about the so-called “mosque at Ground Zero.”

Musings on the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011.

The fifteen-year anniversary in 2016.

The first two are from the Wayback Machine, and point up to the vicissitudes of the Internet, as they were posted to my old newsgroup and later archived on my web site. has gone away, so those are both gone, though I have them saved on my hard drive. The others are from my LiveJournal, which may go away some day, too. Those also are saved on my hard drive, but I’m sticking with links, because I’m not really interested in reprinting all of that on this new blog. Maybe some day, but not today. It’s hard today to read about one of the worst presidents in history’s bungling of a major event sixteen years ago when another one of the worst presidents in history has been bungling everything the last eight months.

But I wanted to put the links here, at least.

Hope folks in the southeast are safe.


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