my Sunday feeling


As I write this, I’m sitting in a train that is hurtling eastward down on the tracks from Rochester toward Albany before veering southward toward NYC to take me home.

It was, as usual, a very good RocCon. The convention keeps growing, and it now takes up three floors of the Kodak Event Center. Despite being in the far-away third floor (along with the VIP guests, like Burt Ward and Nana Visitor and Jeremy Bulloch and Glenn Morshower and so on), I got great foot traffic at my table, plowing through a good chunk of my stock. I sold at least one of every book I brought except for my Command & Conquer novel (yes, I actually sold two each of my two Young Hercules books), and I also sold one of Wrenn’s bears and one of her pillows, plus lots more people admired her work and took her card.

I also finally — on my fourth trip to Rochester and after hearing locals rave about it regularly — made it to Dinosaur Barbecue, which has most excellent ribs and yummy sides and a great beer selection. Great place to have Saturday dinner after a long con weekend.

I’ve also dived back into A Furnace Sealed, which I’m hoping to get finished this month and finally turned in to WordFire Press. I also intend to spend this month finally getting out the Mermaid Precinct and “Baker’s Dozen” rewards that are do-able. And maybe finally getting the next Dead Kitchen Radio up.

I also have a big announcement about the Precinct series coming very soon now…..


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