talkin’ Star Trek Discovery on WBAI’s Hour of the Wolf


Hour of the Wolf is a science fiction radio show that has been airing on WBAI here in New York since 1972. Originally hosted by the late great Margot Adler, Jim Freund has been hosting it since 1974, and these days it goes live on 99.5 FM here in NYC from 1-3am every Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Last night, Jim was joined by me, movie critic Dan Persons, former Trek fiction editor John J. Ordover, and editor/fan/pundit Wrenn Simms to discuss Star Trek Discovery in the wake of its first two episodes. It was a fun, freewheeling discussion that covered a variety of topics, and it’s been archived on the world wide webby thing for those of you who missed it (or want to hear it again).

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