Star Trek Discovery: “Context is for Kings”


Burnham reports to the U.S.S. Discovery somewhat against her will, and encounters a mysterious captain, an obnoxious engineer, a more obnoxious security chief, a weird roommate, an old colleague, a scary monster, and a tribble. Star Trek Discovery‘s actual story kicks in in its third episode, as I take a look at “Context is for Kings.”

An excerpt:

Lorca himself is an interesting character, one with his own agenda that will presumably unfold over the course of the season. Jason Isaacs plays him with a magnificent combination of charm and smarm (Isaacs’s two best modes). It’s also wonderful to see Doug Jones’s Saru back, now as Discovery’s first officer. He gets to be a regular twisting of the knife into Burnham’s gut, a constant reminder of her disgrace. Jones also does a superb job of conveying the character’s compassion and disappointment. More of the supporting cast is introduced, including the always-welcome Rekha Sharma as Security Chief Landry and the intense Anthony Rapp as Stamets, who obviously would be much better suited to Discovery in times of peace, but who has been forced into a more military situation than he’s comfortable with. I particularly love how Rapp plays Stamets’s scientific curiosity, melded with his total disgust with being made to be part of a war effort. I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude on Mary Wiseman’s Cadet Tilly, who is a bit too much of the “hey, we need a quirky nerdy character who’s kind of awkward and can be funny,” and the strings are showing. Hopefully Wiseman can transcend the obviousness of the role.

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