4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Batman Forever and Batman & Robin


Sam Hamm, Tim Burton, Michael Keaton, Gothic architecture, and the dark knight are out. Akiva Goldsman, Joel Schumacher, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, rubber nipples, and the caped crusader are in. Same old Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, though. The great superhero movie rewatch looks at Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

An excerpt:

But the worst, the absolute worst, sin committed by any Bat-film in history is the travesty done to Two-Face.

First of all, what a friggin waste of Tommy Lee Jones! Here we have an actor who truly could successfully portray the duality of Two-Face, the constant war between his good and bad halves. But instead, he’s doing Joker lite, pure goofball mugging for the camera, and while it’s more effective than Nicholson’s turn in the 1989 film, Jones just can’t keep up with Carrey’s rubber-faced antics.

And we know Jones could pull off a more complex portrayal of Harvey Dent because he does it for about half a second at the very end of the film. The bit at the end when Batman reminds him to flip the coin and Harvey thanks him for being a good friend—that’s the only time in the entire damn movie that we see Harvey Dent as opposed to Two-Face (inexplicably referred to as “Harvey Two-Face” throughout), and we have to sit through an entire movie of Carrey and Jones cackling at each other endlessly before we get the character we were promised.


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