irons in the fire update


The Adventures of Bram Gold. I’m really trying hard to get A Furnace Sealed done. I was slowed down by realizing that the climax needed something added to it and I needed to work it out. But now it’s worked out and things are zooming along. I’m hoping to have the first draft done this week. Then at some point, I write Book 2……

Precinct books. As I announced elsewhere, these books are now going to be published by eSpec Books. They’re going to launch their relaunch, as it were, with Mermaid Precinct, which I’ll be writing once A Furnace Sealed is done. And there will be three more Precinct books TBA. Also I’ve got a story set in the Precinct universe, but not involving the Cliff’s End Castle Guard, coming out in Kingdoms Fall next year, and I have another story burbling that may be done as a Kickstarter story soon.

Mine! My contribution to this comics anthology to benefit Planned Parenthood is a seven-page story called “In Defense of Self.” I’ve written the script, and Tom Daly is working on the art even as we speak.

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #1. The revision of this was turned in a while ago, and I’m waiting for final notes. This is set to be published in 2018.

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #2. This is a short thing that I have to do this month, but it’s only a few thousand words. Should be fun.

Sooper-seekrit tie-in project #3. This is still in the talking-about-it stage. I’ll be doing more talking about it next week with the project manager.

Thriller. Just got notes on the revision from my agent, and those have to be taken care of.

Comic book proposal. This is with an editor. Waiting to hear back.

Tie-in comic book proposals. This is something I thought was dead, but I found out at New York Comic-Con that it may not be dead. We’ll see.

Super City Cops. I’ll be doing another short story in this world soon.

18th Race. I’ll be collaborating with David Sherman on the third book in this trilogy. I edited the first two books, but David is unable to complete the third book, so I’ll be writing the manuscript based on his very detailed notes and outline. That’s next up after Mermaid Precinct.

Everything else is very much on the back burner, like the mystery, or waiting for things to move forward, like two tie-in notions that I need to have more conversations with the editor about.



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