day 1 of promotion


I’m generally someone who sweats a lot when I exert myself. Very early on in my time training in karate, I started wearing a sweat band on my forehead, which is vitally necessary given a) how much I sweat, b) that I have a lot of hair, and c) I wear glasses. Without the sweatband, the sweat would pour off my hair and onto my glasses and into my eyes.

However, as I’ve progressed further in my karate, I’ve noticed that I don’t sweat as much. Mind you, it’s still an issue, but I’m not dripping all over the floor like I used to when I was a color belt. Not sure why that is — maybe just a byproduct of being stronger and in better shape, so the actual effort to do things is less than it was. It’s not like the old days, where my gi would look like it was gray, rather than white, after a particularly intense class.

I mention all this by way of saying that tonight, after the first of three days of promotion for my sandan (third degree) black belt, holy crap, was I drenched in sweat. And my gi was gray.

And it was fantastic. All seven of us showed good form, strong spirit, and good knowledge of the material. Usually, when Shihan or Sensei asks a question and the candidate asked gets it wrong, the candidate in question has to do push-ups. I’m pleased to say that none of us had to do push-ups tonight.

Well, extraneous push-ups, at least — there were lots of push-ups that were a normal part of the promotion, of course, including me, my fellow nidan-going-for-sandan, Charles, and Dylan, who’s going for his junior nidan, doing ten push-ups on jo staffs. Fun fun fun.

It was a fantastic night. I’m pleased with how well I did — I made a couple of small mistakes, but no big ones, I answered all the questions I was asked correctly, and all seven of us showed amazing spirit. I may have said that already. Hi, I’m tired.

Seriously, I’m pretty much wiped out and am amazed I’m coherent enough to write this blog entry. I’m’na go lay down on our nice, comfy, memory-foam mattress and be a lump until I have to go teach tomorrow.

(By the way, I also completed a short project. Tomorrow, I do the great superhero movie rewatch before teaching. Friday I dive back into A Furnace Sealed in the fond hope of actually finishing the fershlugginer thing.)

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