I’m on The X-Cast‘s “podwatch” episode 7


Having already discussed “Ice” and “Space” on The X-Cast‘s “podwatch” of quick hits of two X-Files episodes in the ramp-up to season 11 of the show, I’m back in episode 7, as Carl Sweeney and I talk about “Fire” (generally hated because apparently nobody likes Amanda Pays’s Phoebe Green, even though she’s exactly the type of person college-age Mulder would’ve gravitated toward) and “Beyond the Sea” (generally loved because it’s a fantastic vehicle for Gillian Anderson’s Dana Scully, not to mention superb guest turns by Brad Dourif and the late great Don S. Davis).

Check it out!


2 thoughts on “I’m on The X-Cast‘s “podwatch” episode 7

  1. People hate “Fire”? What the entire fuck? I LOVED that episode! Phoebe Green was an amazing character, and she was TOTALLY the kind of chick a college-aged Mulder would have boinked. That episode is what made me a fan of the show. Well … for the first season, anyway…

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