Star Trek Discovery: “Lethe”


We learn about Burnham’s past — and also Spock’s, kinda. Plus a dumb-ass B-plot with Lorca and Cornwell. My review of Star Trek Discovery‘s latest episode, “Lethe.”

An excerpt:

Discovery has already established that Burnham was Sarek’s ward. Some have complained that it’s ridiculous that Spock would never have mentioned this foster sister, which ignores the fact that Spock never mentioned that his Dad was a famous Vulcan ambassador until that ambassador was standing right next to him on the Enterprise, or that he was engaged to be married until he was half-dead from the effects of pon farr and then only after practically being put in a headlock, or that he didn’t mention his half-brother until he was standing right next to him on the Enterprise. An open book, Spock ain’t.

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