an especially nice review of Nights of the Living Dead


Well, this made my night….

Found another review of Nights of the Living Dead, this one by Bub Smith for Slack Jaw Punks. It’s effusive in its praise, but the following bit is what caught my eye and put a song in my heart:

…there were quite a few names on the list I had never heard of that shocked the hell out of me. Most notably Keith DeCandido. His story, “Live and [On] the Scene” was a fantastic take on a zombie outbreak with characters whose actions are real. It’s a story from the media’s side of the outbreak, but also a story of family, identity and death. What DeCandido did in just a handful pages is something most film makers never come close to.

Thank you, Bub Smith, wherever you are. Glad you liked the story. *raises glass*


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