stuff for what I’m thankful

20170422_191730 (1)

I’m thankful for a great deal this year. This is only a partial list:

My family, which includes both biological and chosen family, a list that is numerous, but which starts with Wrenn, and continues with Meredith, Dale, the Forebearance, Anneliese, Sas, Matthew, Lilly, all the aunts and uncles, and all the cousins and their SOs and children.

My friends, who are too numerous to list here, and I’m not even going to try to. But if you’re someone who is part of my life in any way, who has been to my house, whose house I’ve been to, whom I’ve hung out with at a convention or other gathering, with whom I chat regularly over text, e-mail, and/or Facebook chat, with whom I play poker regularly, with whom I do wine nights, then you’re my friend and I’m there for you and I’m thankful for you.

The folks who stood by Wrenn and I when we got married in April: Laura Anne, Alex, Meredith, Zan, Lilly, Catelynn, Dave, Dale, and Glenn. Also thanks to Mario’s in Little Italy for doing such a great job hosting the wedding. Not to mention everyone who attended what turned out to be the bestest wedding ever. I’m so happy to be married to Wrenn and so glad that we got to celebrate our more formalized union with so many of our loved ones.

Shuseki Shihan Paul and the rest of the folks at the dojo, which celebrated its 25th anniversary this year, and at which I achieved my third-degree black belt last month. Also all the kids I teach both in the afterschool programs and at my Friday fighting class. Karate has seriously improved my life and enriched my spirit and made my body way healthier, and I’m supremely thankful for the decision I made to walk in there thirteen years ago.

JoAnn and Joe, our landlords, who have provided us with the best home we could ask for. I can’t say enough about how much we love our new place. It is a home in every sense, and also a place where everyone and anyone is welcome any time.

My fellow Boogie Knights, John, Dave, Sharon, Kate, Linda, and Lynn, with whom I have been fortunate enough to make wonderful music for more than a decade now.

All the people I work with, from the folks at to all the editors (especially Jonathan Maberry, who edited or co-edited four anthologies that I have stories in this year, as well as Kelly, who keeps throwing bits of work at me) to Munish (I’m almost done with the latest revision, honest!). And, most importantly, my amazing agent Lucienne (not to mention Pete and Abby), who has been particularly amazing this year.

All the people who have had me at conventions, festivals, and workshops this year, from the big-ass events like Dragon Con and New York Comic Con all the way down to the smaller gatherings like Atomacon and the Providence Literary Festival, and everything in the middle. I love the opportunity to interact with my readers as well as make new ones.

Additional and necessary thanks to Wrenn and Meredith and Lilly.

And most especially my readers. I have been lucky enough to have some of the finest fans in the whole history of the whole history. I get e-mails and Facebook posts and blog replies and tweets from y’all on a regular basis, and I get to meet you at conventions, and it’s just so gratifying. Thank you all.

And whoever else I may have left off, please accept both my thanks and my apologies for forgetting you in the torrent of people to whom I feel grateful on this holiday.

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