cyber Monday: buy my books!

I have a bunch of my books for sale and they make dandy gifts! I’ll gladly autograph them and send them to you. Just PayPal to krad at whysper dot net the cover price of the book(s) plus, if you’re in the U.S., $6 postage. (If you’re out of the U.S., just send the cover price, and I’ll bill you for the postage once I find out what it is when I send it.) If you don’t do the PayPal thing, send a check or money order made out to Keith DeCandido to PO Box 4976, New York, NY 10185-4976. Be sure, regardless of how you pay, to give me a shipping address and let me know to whom I should inscribe the autograph.

(And yes, I know I owe some of you books. My plan is to get them out this week…..)

Here’s what I got:


Aliens: Bug Hunt (anthology with my story “Deep Background”) — $17

Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars — $8

Marvel’s Thor: Tales of Asgard (omnibus of the trilogy featuring Thor, Sif, & the Warriors Three) — $25

Orphan Black: Classified Clone Report — $50

Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet — $17

SCPD: The Case of the Claw — $15

Star Trek: Alien Spotlight Volume 2 (graphic novel collection with my story “Klingons”) — $20

Star Trek: Captain’s Log (graphic novel collection with my story “Jellico”) — $18

Star Trek: Klingon Empire: A Burning House — $8

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Q & A — $8

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: Homeworlds (anthology with my story “Sun-Breaker”) — $10

Supernatural: Nevermore — $8

Supernatural: Bone Key — $8

Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon — $8

V-Wars (anthology with my story “The Ballad of Big Charlie”) — $10

V-Wars: Night Terrors (anthology with my story “Streets of Fire”) — $20

The X-Files: Trust No One (anthology with my story “Back in El Paso My Life Will Be Worthless”) — $20

Young Hercules: Cheiron’s Warriors and Young Hercules: The Ares Alliance — $5 for both


Please note that the “Precinct” books are temporarily unavailable, as that series is in the process of switching publishers. Ditto Without a License.



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