4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Judge Dredd and Dredd


In 1995, Sylvester Stallone starred in Judge Dredd, and it flopped. In 2012, Karl Urban starred in Dredd, and it flopped, too. I take a look at both movies, and if you combined the production design of the first with the story sensibilities of the second, you’d have the perfect Judge Dredd movie. The great superhero movie rewatch looks at Judge Dredd and Dredd.

An excerpt:

In fact, the first twenty minutes or so of Judge Dredd is easily the best adaptation of the comic strip ever done. It’s better than Dredd, and it’s way better than the rest of the movie it opens. Those twenty minutes prove that this production team could have done right by Dredd, but chose not to. Instead, we get tiresome character beats, a frame-up followed by a betrayal followed by an unconvincing return to glory, a dopey sidekick (seriously WHO THOUGHT PUTTING ROB SCHNEIDER AS THE GOOFY SIDEKICK IN A JUDGE DREDD MOVIE WAS A GOOD IDEA??????????????), a lame love interest (Diane Lane at least does well with the part of Judge Hershey, though the comic book version would never have kissed Dredd in a billion years), and a raving loony bad guy.


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