4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Mask and Son of the Mask


We look at the movie that turned Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz into movie stars as well as its sequel, which pretty much put a stake in Jaime Kennedy’s entire career. The great superhero movie rewatch examines both The Mask and Son of the Mask.

An excerpt:

The late Richard Jeni is utterly superfluous as Schumaker, and while Peter Greene does fine as Tyrell (he’s made a career out of playing this type of gangster), his be-masked version of himself falls completely flat (you know it’s bad when the dog does a better job as the Mask than you). But everyone else is superb, from the radiant Cameron Diaz, a very strong start to her acting career (and showing her comedic skills, particularly in the dream sequence where she grabs Carrey’s head and starts lapping his ear caninely), to the delightful Amy Yasbeck to Peter Riegart, who completely steals the show as the put-upon Kellaway. Riegart’s acid commentary on the proceedings make the movie, a down-to-earth contrast to Carrey’s craziness.

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