new on Patreon: review of The Last Jedi and new cat pic!


For $1/month and up patrons: my incredibly spoilery review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. An excerpt:

Poe was trying to be a hero, and that trick never works, because the legends of heroes and the reality of their lives never intersect. Legend has it that the Jedi Knights were great heroes who defended the Old Republic, but the reality is that they were corrupt and incompetent. I have to say, I almost cheered in the theatre when Luke came out and said that the Jedi were total fuckups, since the entire prequel trilogy is a chronicle of the Jedi Knights’ abject failure. They not only didn’t stop the fall of the Republic, they weren’t even aware of its imminent demise. Palpatine’s plan to take over as emperor never once had a single setback over three movies, and 99% of the Jedi who were wiped out by Order 66 died not having the first clue why they were being assassinated.


For $2/month and up patrons: a new picture of Louie on the Yogibo.



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