a most excellent holiday season

Christmas Eve 2010 001

We were worried this would be a bad holiday season, as we are, as ever, short on funds, but an expected gift and the promise of money coming in the new year meant we could actually buy presents for people, which made us happy — though we’re still doing some homemade presents for some folks.

The holidays themselves were delightful. Christmas Eve morning I was scheduled to teach the Sunday adult white belt class, which I’ll be doing again on New Year’s Eve. However, nobody actually showed up for class. This happens sometimes, especially on holiday weekends. So I spent the hour practicing a bit, until the folks showed up for the conditioning class afterward.

Wrenn and I did two of our traditional holiday features, which we have on DVD: Hogfather that night and The Hebrew Hammer in the afternoon. Between those, we went over to my parents’ house for lasagna and presents and wine. Most of our presents had been bought already — renewal of our memberships to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Wildlife Conservation Society (which includes all five New York City zoos), and the New York Botanical Gardens, plus two new karate uniforms. But at Christmas Eve itself we got a gift card to a high-end local supermarket, plus Wrenn got some body lotion she likes, some Star Wars biscuit molds, and a pair of slippers, and Dale got beer and a Funko Pop Dalek, I got a sai case and practice sais, and we all got candy.

On Christmas Day, we went to my aunt’s for roast beast and more presents. (She gave us cash.) Then the three of us drove down to Times Square in the cold to see Murder on the Orient Express, which was only playing in two theatres in NYC — the AMC in Times Square, and then only once at 10.25 at night and a place in Greenwich Village. We went and enjoyed the heck out of it. Only two things marred the evening — when we left the AMC in Times Square, the last escalator down was out, and so was the elevator, which was an issue for Dale, who has a prosthetic leg, and orthotic on his remaining foot, and chronic pain. Walking down the escalator was possible, but painful, and he wound up having to do it, as there was nobody in authority to turn on the elevator at 1am on Christmas night. Sigh.

On the 26th, several of us gathered at a local pub, including both uncles, for a Boxing Day brunch. After that, Wrenn and Dale had some errands to take care of, and I had to work the dojo desk (I’m filling in until the new person starts in the new year) and take the 7.15 adult class.

Tuesday also brought a nice surprise: Dale’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids are in town! They asked to come over to dinner, and we invited them to come tonight, so some of Tuesday’s errands consisted of buying food to feed the hordes tonight.

When I got home from the dojo, we watched Doctor Who‘s Christmas special, which I’ll be reviewing on Patreon this week. Short version: it was a lovely capper to both the Peter Capaldi era and the Steven Moffat era. Looking forward to seeing Jodie Whittaker in front of the camera and Chris Chibnall behind it next fall.

Today I’ve been working on A Furnace Sealed, working at the dojo, and hanging out with Dale’s family. Tomorrow and Friday will be more of the first two, plus writing that Who review and a Cassie Zukav vignette for Patreon, plus the traditional year-end blog entry.

Saturday is the signing at the Forbidden Planet for Mine! as well as the last poker game of 2017. Sunday night we’ll be going to a friend’s house to ring in the new year with some of our dearest friends. There will be food and drink and merriment and presents.

Hope the rest of you are enjoying the season in whatever way you see fit!

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