a karate Christmas


I got two of my holiday gifts today, and here I am modeling them plus a third.

I’m wearing a new embroidered gi (uniform), one of two gifted to me by The Mom. The two gis arrived back from the embroiderer yesterday, and I got them this morning.

I’m holding my two new sais, which were a gift from Shuseki Shihan. I had other sais, but they were old and worn and unbalanced (they were a gift from a student years ago). As a sandan, we’re now responsible for knowing sai techniques. As a shodan and nidan, we did bo and jo techniques, and I’ve been joking that at third-degree we’ve moved on to our next Ninja Turtle…..

The sais are in a spiffy new case, which was a gift from Meredith, who also gave me a pair of rubber practice sais, which are good for around-the-house practice.

It is, indeed, a karate Christmas. Osu!


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