Star Trek Discovery: “Despite Yourself”


Star Trek Discovery is back, and so are my reviews of same on! Here, we’ve got my take on the first episode of “Chapter 2” of the first season, “Despite Yourself,” as our heroes foray into the Mirror Universe.

An excerpt:

One of the themes of “Mirror, Mirror” was spoken by Spock at the end: it is easier for a civilized person to pretend to be a barbarian than the other way ’round, and we get two entertaining examples of it here. Burnham is scarily effective as Captain Burnham of the I.S.S. Shenzhou, but that’s as nothing compared to the perverse delight of Cadet Tilly pretending to be Captain Tilly—or, rather, the deliberately unimaginatively nicknamed “Captain Killy”—of the I.S.S. Discovery. The line about cutting out tongues and using them to lick her boots was epic, and I must confess that the thing I’m most looking forward to next week is more of Captain Killy.

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