new on Patreon!


Here’s what’s new on my Patreon over the past ten days:

I’m still a week behind on TV reviews, so the plan is to do two next week: a look back at A&E’s 2011 show Breakout Kings, which I’ve been rewatching on Netflix, and I’ll also review the pilot episode of Black Lightning on the CW.

Wrenn and I are talking about seeing Proud Mary, possibly as soon as tonight, so that will likely be the January movie review.

Haven’t decided on January’s vignette yet, but there’s time.

I’m hoping to seriously dive back into A Furnace Sealed, which means the $20/month and up crowd will finally get a completed chapter to gaze upon.

And there will continue to be cat pictures. Because duh.

Oh, and I promised a gift for folks who pledged prior to the new year, and that should happen this week, if all goes well.


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