irons in the fire update


Didn’t do this at the beginning of the year, and then got distracted by Dale’s death, and now I’m trying to get back in the swing of things………..

Bram Gold. I was finally kicking in on A Furnace Sealed when Dale died. Today was the first day since then that I made serious forward progress. Here’s hoping for a final draft soon. The book will be dedicated to Dale.

Precinct books. Next up is to write Mermaid Precinct, not to mention all the Kickstarter rewards for it and for “Baker’s Dozen” that I haven’t done yet. The book will be published by eSpec Books, who will also be re-releasing the previous books in the series, as well as the future books in the series. (Yes, really.) Meanwhile, there’s a Cliff’s End story that Jonathan Maberry accepted for Kingdoms Fall, but Jonathan’s in the midst of searching for a new publisher for that anthology. I also have a notion for a Kickstarter short story (the story I was going to do for the graphic novel that failed to Kickstart, so I’m gonna repurpose it as prose).

18th Race. I’ll be collaborating with David Sherman on the third book in this trilogy, also for eSpec. I have his notes and I just need to sit down and start writing.

Tie-in novel. My proposal was okayed by the editor and is now with the licensor. I’ll say what it is if it’s approved.

Collaborations. The serial killer novel I wrote with Munish K. Batra, MD, has some final notes from my agent that I need to incorporate, and then we start the process of selling the thing to a publisher who will give us large sums of money for it, ha ha. Munish also has two other novel ideas he wants me to do with him, one of which is under contract, the other of which is still in the talking-about-it stage.

Essays. I have two essays due on Battlestar Galactica and Buffy that I need to get up off my ass and write.

Little tie-in books. I’ve done three little tie-in projects, one of which is done and approved and will be out in June, the other two of which are awaiting licensor approval.

Tie-in short story. I signed a contract for this, just waiting for the editor to give me the green light.

Shirley & Jack. My second Sherlock Holmes pastiche, “Six Red Dragons,” just got copy-edited, along with the rest of Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot, and I sent that back. We’re looking to again debut the BSI anthology at HELIOsphere in March, and I’m also hoping to have copies at (Re)Generation Who 4. I have at least two more stories in mind, I just have to write them.

Cassie Zukav. Nothing currently on the hopper for Cassie, but I have plenty more ideas for her. And if you support my Patreon, you got a Cassie vignette in December.

Super City. I’m investigating the possibility of doing more Super City Cops stories. Keep watching this space.

Original mystery/thriller. I sent a pitch for a mystery/thriller thingie to a publisher. I’m continuing “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” every Friday. I’m about to kick it into high gear with the 21st-century renaissance in superhero movies, but for the moment, I still have a bunch of 20th-century flicks to get through, starting this week with Howard the Duck and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. In addition, I continue to review Star Trek Discovery the day after each new episode drops, and I plan to continue scribbling for them here and there.

Patreon. For folks who support me on Patreon, I’m doing weekly TV reviews, monthly movie reviews, and monthly vignettes featuring my original characters.

I think that’s everything……………

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