Star Trek Discovery: “Vaulting Ambition”


We get revelations about Lorca, about mirror-Burnham, about mirror-Stamets, about what MU humans like to eat, and about the mycelial network. Plus Saru remains awesome, mirror-Georgiou is a badass, and we get to see Culber again even though he’s dead. My review of “Vaulting Ambition,” where we learn that Kelpians is good eatin’!

An excerpt:

My favorite part of this episode, though, is the thread with Saru, L’Rell, and Voq/Tyler. This part of the story just solidified my love of Doug Jones and of the Kelpian he plays. Saru pleads with L’Rell for help with this creature who is both Voq and Tyler and yet who is neither one—mostly he’s just a sentient being who is in a billion kinds of pain, screaming in sickbay. Sedation only goes so far. So Saru appeals to L’Rell, who just says that Voq chose this sacrifice, and if he is now suffering, then that is war.

Saru’s response is to beam Voq/Tyler into her cell and show her up close and personal what he’s going through, the human and Klingon each fighting for dominance. “This,” Saru says with that intense calm that Jones does so well, “is war.”

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