Tuesday’s dead

This past weekend was when we finally got up off our asses and started going through the stuff in Dale’s room. Zan and her new boyfriend Steve came up to help with that, and that was a huge kick in the butt that we really needed. We’ve still got a lot to do, but we made a good start, including getting rid of his futon, disassembling his futon frame, mucking out under his desk, and throwing out a bunch of things. And also going through various things.

We’re going to have a memorial service for Dale in early March here in da Bronx. Details to come within the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, deadlines continue apace. I have a tie-in project that has been verbally approved by the licensor, and I’m just waiting for their notes. This is going to be an extremely cool project and I’m eagerly looking forward to it for several reasons. I’m trying to finish A Furnace Sealed so I can get to the tie-in book and Mermaid Precinct and To Hell and Regroup, plus I’ve got several essays I need to get written, not to mention my weekly superhero movie rewatch, my reviews of Star Trek Discovery, and weekly TV reviews and monthly movie reviews for Patreon. Oh, and teaching four karate classes per week.


Happy, well-adjusted, non-cranky wimps, mind you….

My Facebook memories picked up this picture from two years ago. Meredith had come up to visit for our Twelfth Night party, and she joined me, Wrenn, and Dale at an Italian restaurant in the Bronx. It was a lovely night.


We miss you, Dale. *sigh*



3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s dead

  1. You are all in my thoughts. Lost a beloved roommate and had to do the clean up and sorting afterwards. It’s cathartic and heart-breaking all in one. :hugs:

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