Star Trek Discovery: “What’s Past is Prologue”


Saru has his third crowning moment of awesome in a row, Lorca embraces his MU-ness, we get mirror-Landry and mirror-Owokusen in addition to mirror-Georgiou and mirror-Stamets, lots of death, great action scenes, a weird rekindling of the Georgiou-Burnham relationship, and did I mention Saru’s crowning moment of awesome? My review of Star Trek Discovery‘s latest, “What’s Past is Prologue.”

An excerpt:

My third-favorite moment in the episode was the scene between Emperor Georgiou and Burnham in her little sanctuary. The emperor is holding mirror-Burnham’s insignia, which is all she has left of her protegée. Burnham is still holding Georgiou’s insignia. One of the things I liked best about “The Vulcan Hello” was the mentor/mentee relationship between Georgiou and Burnham, and one of the things I liked least about “Battle at the Binary Stars” was that Georgiou’s death meant we wouldn’t see any more of that, except maybe in flashbacks and tie-in fiction.

That relationship is why Burnham is unwilling to once again stand on an enemy ship and see herself live and Georgiou die, so she grabs the emperor and pulls her along in the transporter beam. She winds up in the mainline universe, which I can’t imagine will make her happy. The emperor had already lost her throne—Lorca’s very public takeover of the Charon pretty much spelled the end of her reign even with Lorca’s defeat—and she was looking forward to an honorable death. This isn’t that, and I can’t see her thanking Burnham.

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