midweek music: “Til the Money Runs Out”

I’ve always loved Tom Waits both as a singer/songwriter — his lyrics are fantastic, evocative stories, his vocals smoky and atmospheric — and as an actor. His work in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus as the devil was superb, and his lack of award consideration a crime. I also just got to rewatch his wonderful turn in Mystery Men when I did that for the great superhero movie rewatch.

This particular song is one that was used on an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street back in the day, and it was mostly because of that particular use of it that I bought the album Heartattack and Vine, the title track of which quickly became one of my favorite Waits songs. However, for today, I simply give you the song that led me to the album, “Til the Money Runs Out.”

1 thought on “midweek music: “Til the Money Runs Out”

  1. I love Tom Waits’s music (and his performances. He was the reason I watched the otherwise forgettable Cold Feet). I became a Waits fan because my friend, writer G. W. Thomas, read Spider Robinson’s Mindkiller in which he mentions Wait’s album Blue Valentine. He bought the album and played it for me. I fell in love with Waits’ music right then and there. He then told me about the mention in Robinson’s book and so I checked it out because I liked the album so much and became a Spider Robinson fan right then.

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