Star Trek Discovery‘s “The War Without, The War Within”


The Discovery is home, and lots of stuff happens, but most important of all is that this isn’t Lorca’s ship anymore, and it’s nice to see that without his influence, it’s a good old-fashioned compassionate Starfleet ship again. My review of Star Trek Discovery‘s latest episode, “The War Without, the War Within.”

An excerpt:

This is an excellent episode on its own, one that moves several of the characters forward—Tyler’s identity crisis, the war effort, Georgiou’s attempt to assimilate into the new universe, and Burnham’s multifaceted problems—and sets everything up nicely for the finale next week. In particular all of Burnham’s issues are brought to light here. She’s completely forthright with Saru as to why she rescued Georgiou, and it’s to Saru’s credit that he doesn’t really give her a pass for it, but doesn’t really ding her for it, either. Tilly spells out to Burnham the lesson of the MU in facing your own darkness. Then Burnham manages to help Tyler by giving him brutally honest advice on how to get through trauma—in particular that it’s solitary—without forcing herself to still be in any way involved with the person who tried to strangle her a couple episodes ago. Even with all that, though, she’s still doing what Lorca challenged her to do when she first came on board in “Context is for Kings,” for all that Lorca had a completely different agenda: stopping the war. So she mines Georgiou for information, trying to find a way to end the war.

1 thought on “Star Trek Discovery‘s “The War Without, The War Within”

  1. The picture is significant. After watching the movie for the first time, I’m pretty sure Hollywood can make a great movie. As a starting point, the result is in turn quoted, and part of the life is a false ideal. (Two friends also said that the draft ads worked well for Matthix, but I agree). When I see the relationship between people, the impact of TAMAM does not always encourage me. In fact, the war/robot has fought the battle around the world as a whole, but the result is that they do not need it, and movie makers deserve it. The model has a special, not a travel.

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