a nice review of A Time for War, a Time for Peace (and the rest of the series, too…)


On the Canadian Star Trek blog “Boldly Go,” they’ve been reviewing the entire “A Time to…” series, a nine-novel series we did back in 2004 that set up the events of Star Trek Nemesis as well as the entirety of 24th-century Trek fiction moving forward. Fourteen years later, it still stands as kind of the pilot for the post-Nemesis fiction that we’ve seen.

They just put up the review of my finale to the series, A Time for War, a Time for Peace.

Money quote:

My experience with the A Time to… series has been mixed, but this novel tied everything together so gracefully that it made the whole experience worth the time. DeCandido draws from all the previous novels in the series and weaves a compelling finale that leads wonderfully into Star Trek: Nemesis. Every characters voice felt right, and their choices believable. Seeing Worf take the final steps to return to Starfleet was great, and set up the status quo of the Klingon Empire for the excellent Prey Trilogy that takes place several years later.

Here’s a link to all five “A Time to…” reviews.


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