midweek music: “The Boy in the Bubble”

Paul Simon has announced that he is retiring from touring after his next tour, which he’s calling the “Homeward Bound” tour. Inexplicably, this tour is not coming to Simon’s hometown of New York City, but Wrenn and I are going to try to catch either his Philadelphia or Boston show. I’ve seen Simon in concert three times — his and Art Garfunkel’s tense reunion in Central Park in 1981, at Radio City Music Hall in 1988 supporting Graceland, and at Madison Square Garden supporting his The Rhythm of the Saints in 1992. They were all of them great shows.

This announcement enabled me to discover a live album of Simon’s I didn’t have, from a Hyde Park concert last year celebrating the 30th anniversary of Graceland (which remains one of the greatest albums of all time ever by anyone). Below is not from that album, but rather a 2012 version of “The Boy in the Bubble,” the lead song on Graceland.

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