two Kickstarters you should support!

Three of my dearest friends are running two Kickstarters right now, and they’re definitely worth your consideration.

The first is Michael  Jan Friedman, probably best known for dozens of Star Trek novels over the decades, who is combining his long history of comic book writing (including a lengthy run on DC’s Star Trek: The Next Generation monthly comic three decades ago, as well as Darkstars for DC) with his love of space opera to give us Empty Spaces, with lovely art by Caio Cacau. As I type this, Mike is only at about 60% of his goal with a little more than a week left. So check it out, and if you like it, pledge!


The second is eSpec Books, the publisher run by Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Mike McPhail, the new publishers of the “Precinct” books starting with Mermaid Precinct (and they’re also reissuing the previous titles). They’re Kickstarting a trio of steampunk booksThe Clockwork Witch by Michelle D. Sonnier, Spirit Seeker by Jeff Young, and the anthology After Punk: Steam-Powered Tales of the Afterlife, edited by Ackley-McPhail & Greg Schauer (the same team that edited The Side of Good/The Side of Evil). The anthology will have stories by Jody Lynn Nye, David Sherman, Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin, James Chambers, Jeffrey Lyman, Bernie Mojzes, and Travis I. Sivart, as well as Ackley-McPhail, Young, and Sonnier. This one has already made its funding, so pledging to this guarantees that you’ll get something, and there are tons of nifty stretch goals still to be had!


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