down and safe

Wrenn and I had a great time at Farpoint 25 this past weekend.

It started out a bit rough. The last time I was at the Hunt Valley Inn, Dale was with us. Just in general, being there reminded me a lot of him, as he came to a couple of Shore Leaves, a couple of Balticons, and a couple of (Re)Generation Whos with us to this hotel in recent years.

Eventually that bit of melancholy passed. I did an autographing at 5, I performed in Prometheus Radio Theatre’s radio drama of the history of Farpoint at 8.45, and I did the Book Fair at 10.

Saturday was really busy: a superb Boogie Knights concert — which included a lovely rendition of my song, “Young Master Frodo” (to the tune of the traditional Irish song “General Taylor”) — and closing with a fantastic rendition of “Sailin’ with Captain Morgan. The set included several songs that will be on our forthcoming CD The Seven Voyages of Sing Bad.


That’s the band after the concert, picture by Paul Balzé.

Later that afternoon, I had a panel on fandom trolls, led by Jessica Morán, and also including Jennifer Povey and Don Sakers, which was a very good talk about a tiresome phenomenon particularly in online discourse. The audience — which included fellow author Kelli Fitzpatrick — was quite into it, and it was one of the more successful panels I’ve been on.


Don Sakers, me, Jennifer Povey, and Jessica Morán. Photo by Kelli Fitzpatrick.

After that, I did an interview for the web show Movers and Shakers Unlimited (I’ll let y’all know when it goes live), and then I had my self-defense workshop. The only attendees were a woman who’d taken it before at other cons and a fifth-degree black belt in Kempo who was mostly curious as to how I’d teach it.

After that was my reading, where the four audience members all chose my Aliens story “Deep Background” over either of the Shirley Holmes/Jack Watson stories or a bit from A Furnace Sealed. So I read the first two scenes of that.

Saturday night consisted of dinner with several fellow writers at Andy Nelson’s BBQ, followed by hanging out in the bar until the place closed. You know it’s a good night when you’ve spent it with the likes of Dave Mack, Derek Tyler Attico, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Aaron & Jen Rosenberg, Mary Fan, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Rigel Ailur, T. Eric Bakutis, Keith Shikowitz, Bob & Deb Greenberger, Kate & Mike Pakaski, Glenn Greenberg, Brian Koczienski, Christine Czachur, and, of course, Meredith & Sas. Oh, and also Caren, Peggy, Ren, Lindsey, David, & Chris. Possibly also some others I’m forgetting. Subjects ranged from television to books we read as kids to movies to balancing day job with writing careers to college pranks (Glenn Hauman wasn’t there, but I bet his ears were burning….) to teaching things to children to what it’s like to be hit in the solar plexus to any number of other things.


Me pontificating about something in a classic “fuhgeddaboutit” pose, while halo’d by the bar lights. Photo by David Mack.

On Sunday, I had another reading, though this one was only attended by the other two people scheduled to read. So we read to each other! I read about half of my second Shirley-and-Jack story “Six Red Dragons.”

I put in some time at the eSpec Books table, got to see and catch up with some folks, and then I ended the convention proper with a panel on Marvel’s Netflix series, where I got to bitch about Iron Fist, and fellow panelists Peter David, Glenn Greenberg, Colin Caccamise, and Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg got to discourse on this most excellent ground-level corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The weekend ended with me, Wrenn, Meredith, and Sas having what has become traditional for conventions in the Hunt Valley Inn (or any of the other north-of-Baltimore hotels): late lunch/early dinner at La Tolteca.

Then we hied ourselves home to antsy cats and a happy home.

Time to watch the Discovery season finale so I can write a coherent review of same in the a.m……………………………………..

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